Awaited awakening

loose lipped, tight tipped

injecting deep into me

formaldehyde of jealousy


Rhythmic warm chill

presses on pulsating throat

sticky skin anoints

soothing balm of obssession


Surrender fills silence

thighs pillow dormant anger

your cunning apology for

having resentfully missed me


Tendrilled fingertips weave

careless laced crimson strands

tentative anxious bite

into embalmed grey shoulder


Revived and resurrected bride

absorbing your milky zenith

reclaims me spellbound

tearing the cobwebs inside


© Katypoetess 2012

2 comments on “Homecoming

  1. Pillow spoken imagery that captures the beauty and the tragedy of the heart that invokes the feeling of desire that is spellbound, or that of a lover’s touch; wonderful work and always a pleasure to read your crafty pen.

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