Banished to Eden


We blend into each other’s colours

begging serpent’s curiosity of insidious skin.

Sullen hand removed, reveals scars in their beauty

motherhood replaced by conjured virgin within


Love’s chameleon tongues a hedonism

anxious lips kiss curved ribs appled in eye

pole dancing a Jacob’s ladder of debauchery

“Don’t move” you cry, and I’m flung far and wide


Pulse thumped throat tightens, maddens,

desire’s fury to open violent playpen of lust

salivating our self absorbed paradise

brutish tender tones surprise with every push


Thumb in mouth. I suck hard, forsaken

and you greedy yourself in my insatiableness

bruised by a ruse that love has no bounds

I am freed from my untamed contrariness


Defiantly swaying velvet to centre stage

I ride you deeply in transient dominance

gently to the back and front of your mind.

lace and ribbons untangle your resistance


Climax flushes a bond of leo constellation

a delicacy radiates an interstellar delight.

Starcrossed, I’m miraged by your poetry

that one day you could be mine, despite.


Bright blue eyes disguise dark in sky

we lie in a guileless romantic tension.

Later, indulged, I sleep tight in your arms,

In a perpetual night of sexual possession.




© Katypoetess 2012




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