Banished from Eden


The torch has turned, flame extinguished.

Roses and lilies, once love’s bouquet, now wilted wreath.

I wear the silver locket tarnished to jet in anger.

I rage, snip and shave the hair you nestled in, that you forbade me

to trim against all fashionable whim.  I relish the pain

knowing fresh ink on skin will repel you.


Cuckolded by your wife, I curl cold in shame.

I sleep on your side now. Spectural smile glimpsed

in mirror opposite our bed teases my solitude.

While coiled in venomous best cobras writhe and nest

in the pit of my gut. Unbraided veins thicken separatedness,

our red thread frays and thins, an unwinding of incomprehension.


You protest I inveigled, I bewitched you. De-robed and dethroned,

the crown of dismissed mistress Is taken away in haste.

Matrimonial arcadia has closed the gates

on your eternal twilight bride who now resides

wailing and widowed in Gomorrah. Hypnotised by python of reason,

you shroud in a mask of redemption. You deny my existence.

But this Lilith remains etched in your face of guilt. Unrepentant.


© Katypoetess 2013

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