Flatlined. Red admiral turned cabbage white.

Our bed, once pale open casket creaks a chrysalis,

a steadfast metamorphosis of our gothic love story.

Set apart by vengeful spouses, hindwings skinned.

Living in separate houses, just over ten miles apart.


Beyond the ending in damask suburban banality

the vampire’s parable of a lover’s return fleets transient

scorning me in and out of hope. Through the lunar phases,

I dwell the darkling in you. We have spoken, silent spell

broken, shaking a glittered halo of guilt right through.


Twilight bride lingers for ebb and flow of recompense.

Each night, floorboards groan memories that edge their way

into our unconscious fights. We fought for years, we fucked

for less.  I love regardless, within blasphemous myth that

beats rhythm that no other will hold my hand the way you did.


Lilith’s owl blinks in face of mewl and hiss, your fallacy of hatred.

Tussling the urge to die, to run; finally through writing I won.

Hibernation for this red admiral abates. Darker colourings

replace, radiate, I thresh my wings audaciously wide.

Tasting the air; I smell your fear now, instead of mine.


© Katypoetess 2013


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