Thank You

thank you

This weekend I went to Bicester Village to get myself new clothes for my wardrobe.  I’d never thought I would be able to go there again.  But as I sat outside Pret with my cappuccino, taking in the memories I started to smile, a really big smile.  And then I went shopping.  I ended up in the same changing room in Agent Provocateur when we went last, and I couldn’t help remembering you being in there too and the underwear you bought me.

One of the wonderful things about my experience with you is that you brought out my inner woman, and taught me how to love and enjoy my femininity, expressing my sensuality and sexuality in ways which I would never of dreamed of doing if it wasn’t for you.

My eyes in this photo may be two years older, but the sparkle is just the same.  You created this poetess; every sexy, disobedient, ambitious, passionate bit of her and I am truly grateful and I will never stop loving you because of that.

Thank you.

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