Gentleman Caller II


Slowly snaking long, lascivious red plait

so carefully made after she has bathed

in honour of his accession. He arrives –

never on time, commands her to strip

and kneel before him in sham cravenness.

Binding wrists and ankles behind soft

white hind, wasting no time in tasting

liberation that is hard to find away from

this decadent Eden. Winding fingers tight,

a devilish dragging of braid pulls head

back to an angle that pleases the most.


He declares white drops of silken grace

over her face and faint flamed strands

falling disobediently from her submission.

Beguiling the scent of her sticky humility,

He smears her readiness on her lips while

untying restraints and kissing every mark

the love has made. Raising her chin, he

teases her yearning, “Did you miss me?”

Picking up his car keys, he calls time again.

Their eyes both shine twilight, and she smiles.


From “Shadows of Magdalene”

 © Katypoetess 2013

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