From Bolly to Dom


I used to think that Bolly was the real thing but my tastes and standards have changed.  It has way too much fizz, and not enough substance so one can’t drink it from the bottle as well and take it down with as much pleasure.  It’s not unpalatable, but kind of rough and ready and chaotic in mood.  Highly exciting to look at as those bubbles rise fast and hard, but they soon disappear and you are left with a delusion.  What you had in the hand isn’t what you thought it was.

However, Dom is a far more intelligent and refined character, sharper, drier and, I must add, highly influential.  The shape of the bottle is more delicate, but one should not be fooled as it holds an inner strength and the power to protect all who choose to indulge in it from any lesser champagne that threatens its reign.

So, I hold the Dom and feel safe in its presence.  If there is just a slight popping sound of Bolly on the horizon, then I am wholly comforted that Dom will make sure champagne armageddon takes place…..

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