The Oak Tree


Looking up while you were fucking me, I tried to grab a falling leaf.

But I missed; I couldn’t quite reach the wish that fluttered in the breeze.

Branches gather, cross and weave our worn anxious self-discoveries

swaying unable to still uncertainty. We circumscribe this Eden as reality.


When I promised forever did you feel time stop?


A treetop to trick and treat each other through all the foreboding seasons.

Serving a weather of intuition and delusion on our bare skinned austerity,

where you reveal what I already know, buds of what I’m yet to learn

and the naked roots that remain unknown by you, twining into my spine.


When you promised forever did I feel time stop?


Exhibiting our shameless serenity, you lie unclothed and exposed by me.

No glasses on, you cannot see edge of the field where the April shower of

shocked dog-walkers and ramblers pass. Smiling discreet an acorn of propriety

for our forbidden love-making, I marry you fast amongst nettle withered grass.


© Katypoetess 2013




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