Strength of feeling


“I used to think that no feeling was eternal, or even should be eternal. Life blots out life no less than death does.  But I was wrong.  Some bits of life have a longevity that is in proportion to their bitterness.  Some feelings have a strength….Shame is a snake, and you may cut its head off and it will live still.  Jealousy, humiliation – the vipers of the feeling world.”

MM Dowie – Gallia

Strength of feeling for the poet – those snakes – can be a powerful motivator to write.  Without those lingering strength of feelings, I would suspect only a small amount of the best known love poetry would have been written.  It is about having the instruments to command those snakes within, charm them, make them rise and dance and hypnotise you and as you burn in the intensity of those feelings, then the words will flow.

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