Poetry and Emotion



Poetry is the spontaneous overflow of powerful feelings: it takes its origin from emotion recollected in tranquillity.

William Wordsworth


I don’t know how other poets feel about this, but it is something I can definitely identify with.  When my senses were heightened with emotion, I used to be too restless to write and this resulted in creative frustration, but now I have learned to use it to my creative advantage instead.

I always make sure that wherever I am doing, I always have either a pencil and paper, my blackberry to do voice notes or my ipad.  When I experience powerful feelings, I observe things in the outer world around me. I can usually start to see something differently and my emotion is projected onto it.  The daffodils in the garden that on a normal day sway lightly in the wind can take on a different character and nod and bob in anger or frustration instead, and analogies of all kinds start to follow which then form words or phrases that can then be used to form into something more substantial.

As a consequence, powerful feelings and creative thoughts aren’t then lost but projected, harvested and stored for later use.

I’m not sure what Wordsworth would think about the poem I’m currently writing using daffodils in it, he’d probably turn in his grave, but the poetical origin is just the same…..

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