Time Out for Creativity


As poets I wonder how often we take time out to reflect upon our own creative needs? To absorb our surroundings, see people, places, objects architecture and events and not busy scribbling in a notepad or back of a receipt  or train ticket found in our bag. To see situations that at first glance appear banal but offer up a wealth of creative opportunity to open our minds is a skill to be learned and developed. For me what better place than on the South Bank of the Seine. The spiritual home of artists and fellow creatives for centuries.

Relaxing one’s mind and moving away from the day-to-day needs of what we see as uninspiring or a mechanical process is the best tonic to induce creativity in poetry. It is said that one cannot teach an artist to create but they can be taught processes and techniques. Those essential core skills that constitute good technique do not in themselves make good poetry.  Take time out for yourself, be self-indulgent and let the poetry flow.



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