A Vampiric Attraction


Edvard Munch – Vampire

“It is not who we are but what we give to each other in life”

Excerpt: “Your Father”, from Of Lilith and Anthony poetry collection  by Katypoetess


When I came first came across you, I will admit I didn’t really take much notice of you seriously, but over time you have become a delightful distraction, making me smile, and have re-kindled my poetic spirit.

I thought I could only write poetry if I was in some kind of trauma (as I was when I wrote my first poetry collection after the man I thought who was “the one”, my soul mate, my dominant, my kindred spirit and lover left me and went back to his wife) but I have learnt that I can write anytime and that trauma was the beginning of Katypoetess who has continued to grow and evolve into a happy and healed poetess.

More recently, I wondered what to do next poetically and started to look at you in a different light – as a source of inspiration on which to create a blend of fact and fiction, reality and fantasy and a new and more accessible kind of writing.

And as the twilight falls, I know that you mirror me in many ways wherever you are – as I scribble in notebooks, bits of paper or post on twitter as things fall into and out of my head.

I am resigned that I will never get to the truth of who you are, but it does not matter to me.  Creatives give and take from each other on many levels in the most unconventional and unexpected ways.  I hope that I give you something in return and maybe one day we both might make our mark on the world.

But I guess, for now – I will never know.

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