Independence Day



All things come to an end.  Good, bad and indifferent.  This blog has morphed from an outpouring of grief onto a creative journey that has will continue, but not here.

It’s been many months since I posted, and seven years to the day since that simple twist of fate changed my life completely.

I’ve integrated my Katypoetess alter ego into Katy Megan Hughes.  Me.

My first poetry collection is still available on Amazon Kindle Store under Katypoetess.

But my new work is under my real name, and part of a real life not a virtual one. You can find me on Twitter, Facebook or Write out Loud.

In November, I will decide whether to close this blog down completely.

Or I might re-launch my new poetic identity.

Until then…..thank you to all my voyeurs, which include you.

From Bolly to Dom

From Bolly to Dom


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