About Katypoetess

Utterly disobedient poetess...x

Utterly disobedient poetess…x

I’m a poetess doing things a little differently.  As an intellectual rebel, I don’t believe in making verse obedient, or do I make it appealing for poetry performance in the usual way.

I am a firm believer in power poetry, if it makes an impact and changes the way someone thinks or feels then the job is done. I am also an advocate of photography to illustrate and compliment the words that I write.

I blog my own work and also blog classic and contemporary love poetry written by other poets.

My poetry is inspired by everyday life and the people I meet, but I confess to also being heavily influenced by Byron, Sylvia Plath, Emily Dickenson, DH Lawrence, Dylan Thomas and Ian McEwan.


9 comments on “About Katypoetess

  1. Tis not the beauty of your skin.
    That makes me feel this way within,
    But all the worlds that in you dwell,
    That on my soul doth cast it’s spell

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