Red Admiral

Just a list of “thank you’s” to those who have helped me on my Katypoetess journey…

My two beautiful children and my mum and dad.  In particular, to my mum who is a lady of little words and even littler judgment and accepts my “alter ego” even though it may raise her eyebrows a bit!

My friends, in particular Emma –  for telling me to go away and write the whole lot again.

Martin – my knight errant, masonic mesmerist and artist for his never ending support and adoration and in return I acquiesce as his malevolent muse.

Jonathan Taylor, for his advice and informal mentoring and who has set me on a new path in 2016.

Lost but not least, my kindred spirit Anthony, for giving me the mont blanc pen, being the source material for my first poetry collection and changing my whole life by creating Katypoetess.  Forever bound together in silence, for better, for worse and for that which will never be the same again.

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